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Our Services At Cassley Autocare Ltd

Servicing & Repairs

We offer Substantial savings against dealership servicing without compromise on quality


We can accommodate your MOT requirements.  At present we are in the process of installing an MOT station and are working closely with VOSA to become registered.  In the meantime we are happy to take your vehicle for an MOT.



With our latest technology and expertise we can diagnose electrical and mechanical faults specifically and accurately on all makes and models of vehicles.

Air Conditioning

Most people only think about their air conditioning during the warmer weather.  However air conditioning systems don’t just remove heat from the air entering your car it also removes moisture.

SBC Rese

Sensortronic Brake Control (SBC) ABS pump systems are commonly found on higher end Mercedes such as E-Class, SL and CL Class, CLS etc... the SBC Sensortronic ABS pump is a brake-by-wire system and Mercedes Benz were one of the first vehicle manufacturing companies to apply this system to cars.

We are able to provide a SBC reset service at our fully equipped workshop.

Key Repairs

If you have car keys that are broken or damaged we can arrange a replacement.  If it’s a remote key fob we can arrange for this to be reprogrammed.

DPF Regeneration

The first indication of a fault is usually the EML (Engine Management Light) coming on.  

A diesel Particulate filter (DPF) is used to remove diesel particulates from the exhaust gas created during the combustion of a diesel engine.  Most DPF’s regenerate or self-maintain in some form or another.  However driving within optimal speed range and duration may be required.

In some cases routine specific cleaning and maintenance is essential.  When maintenance is not completed effectively the filter can become inefficient or lead to a situation that will negatively impact the engine or its performance (including error codes).

From February 2014 the presence of a Diesel Particulate Filter will be checked during an MOT test and if a vehicle which was originally fitted with one has had it removed this will result in a failure.

Book your vehicle in to have the DPF Re-generated